frequently asked

How can novacare improve the efficiency of my business?
Lowering your need for investment, increasing accessibility & compliance, automating processes and improving productivity brings efficiency to your business.
Why is novacare better than other products?
Our background is in the management, delivery and regulation of care. We understand our industry and only build products for the care sector. Unlike others we don’t try to make a generic product fit the sector and are continuously investing in R&D to bring new solutions to help your business grow.
Is novacare scalable?
Yes, whether you are single company or a multinational, novacare can grow to meet your needs. Be reassured that if your needs change in the future the software you choose will remain expand with you. It’s no use investing in a solution that can be scaled.
Can novacare be customised?
Each business has different needs, yours is no different. Novacare has a range of settings which allow it to be configured to meet your specific business needs.
How can I measure my return on investment (ROI)?
We conduct case studies to calculate where savings can be made, but understand each business is unique.
Who will handle the implementation process?
To ensure a smooth implementation you will be assigned an account manager. They will be responsible for creating your account and arranging your training. Our product has a built-in support module with video tutorials, FAQ and technical support. We employ not only IT wizards but staff with a background in Health and Social Care too.
Do you integrate with 3rd party apps?
No, the beauty of novacare is it provides everything you will need all in one package. No need for email attachments, text messages, digital signatures, paper files, digital backups or ticketing systems. It is all included as standard.
What is the minimum hardware requirement to run novacare?
Novacare is designed to be accessible across a range of devices that can connect directly to the internet. We do all the hard work and processing on our side. You don’t need to worry about installing software on your device.
Is novacare easy to use?
“3 CLICKS” - Our aim is to provide access to any information with no more than 3 clicks. We display only what you need, when and where you need it. By keeping things clear and simple we reduce the need for intensive training. Everyone can contribute, improving efficiency and eliminating the reliance on key staff for critical parts of your business operations.
How often is novacare updated?
We update our product weekly, making improvements and introducing new features. All changes are tested ahead of being available to you. Updates happen outside of office hours every Thursday evening to limit any disruption. We will update our FAQ and offer webinars for any major feature changes.
Do you consult with your customers?
Yes, we are here to listen to what works and what you would like to see us develop in the future. Our solutions are driven by the passion of our customers, so please do let us know what you think.